Wardynski WAFF Still Shot

A Special Kind of Arrogance

Dr. Casey Wardynski is the superintendent for the Huntsville City School Board in Huntsville, AL. Many parents (of children within the Huntsville City School system) have concerns about the growing discipline problems that are affecting the classroom. The teachers are helpless, under the current “Code of Discipline” that is in place. Teachers are distressed due to these, and other, issues. They have completely lost control of the class room and they do not have support of the administration. Many are leaving and/or retiring early as a result. The school board has supported THIS MAN in 100% of their voting on over 2500 issues. In watching this video you have to wonder if anyone would have the courage to stand up to this man with a no vote on anything. They school system is unequivocally on a downward course. THIS MAN, as you can see in this video, rules with an iron fist. He is arrogant and rude on a different level. He is also supported by the local leadership. The current state of the Huntsville City School System is totally on him. It is totally on the Mayor (Tommy Battle) and the Huntsville City Council. He needs to be removed.

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