Stack 'O Jacks

Want to Take America Back? Can YOU Eat THIS Stack of Pancakes?

Stack 'O Jacks

While eating at IHOP the question arose, jokingly, about whether I could eat this stack of pancakes. I immediately assured those present that I, most certainly, could eat that entire stack. Another individual, who knows me well, picked up on my position and suggested that he, too, could eat that entire stack. After a couple of “no you can’t”s I said that it may take me a year but that I could eat every single one of them.

And so it is with tackling big problems!

This exchange immediately caused me to think of American Insider and what we are trying to do here. This stack of pancakes is the perfect metaphor for what we have to do. We want to take America back. It belongs to the middle class Рthe workers Рthose who want jobs. It will take some time. It will take some effort. But it is nothing more than this stack of pancakes. We must stack them one by one. We must eat them one by one. And we must do it as a team.

Big corporations presently own America. Wall Street presently owns America. Presently, they control the pancake makers (Congress). They control where the pancakes wind up and on whose plates.

We can change that. But we MUST be as big as the corporations. We MUST be as powerful. And we MUST be organized.

A little bit of flower … a little bit of syrup … a little bit of contribution from everyone who wants pancakes (and, that is ALL of us) will change how the pancakes are made – and distributed – in America. One pancake at a time … Just LOOK AT THAT STACK!

Join us and let us become bigger than Wall Street together.


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