Capitol Building

Congress at Work! Marc Veasey (Dem, TX) Offers the Latest Time Waster For Congress ….

Our borders remain unsecured. The national debt stands at over $19 Trillion ( Social Security remains uncertain. Jobs are an issue and ILLEGAL immigration continues to pose a threat to our blue collar work force. Nevertheless, our leaders have submitted over 10,000 Bills & Resolutions to Congress for consideration. Approximately 4,000 of those have been submitted in the last year alone. Mostly deflection and feel good stuff they all take our eye off the ball and keep real work for the American people from being performed by our elected officials. The attached Resolution submitted yesterday by Marc Veasey (Dem, TX) is one of the latest examples of why our government can’t get anything done. This 5 page document took who knows how long to conceive and then write. Additional hours will be spent during the committee review. And THIS particular Resolution is in support of undocumented immigrants. It doesn’t even pretend to support Americans. What is happening to America? Time to create the transparency that has been promised for decades but never delivered. Time to require real work. Stand up America!

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