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Learn How to Contact Your Congressman/Woman About What They Did (or didn’t) Today!

As we present you with articles and information about what your congressman or woman is doing with his or her time you should have immediate access to their contact information. As we inform you  of how they wasted their time voting on some resolution that “declares” Wednesday as “Hump Day” or something thereabout, we would encourage you to download any relevant letter we do in response and forward it along with your disapproval at the use of their time while our borders remain unsecured and our budget remains in the red. Watch for these and respond as follows:

  1. Check the content of our post
  2. Check for the letter we will write to Congress
  3. Make our letter YOURS by downloading it OR copy and paste it
  4. Then select the contact information for your Congressman/woman (you can find this in the page Titled “Contact Your Congressman Here” … COMING SOON!)

In time, as we grow, they will receive more and MORE letters. At some point, they will be ours and they will begin to take their responsibility more serious.

THEN … we will get America back!Inside %22The Hill%22

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