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Congress at Work! Marc Veasey (Dem, TX) Offers the Latest Time Waster For Congress ….

Our borders remain unsecured. The national debt stands at over $19 Trillion ( Social Security remains uncertain. Jobs are an issue and ILLEGAL immigration continues to pose a threat to our blue collar work force. Nevertheless, our leaders have submitted over 10,000 Bills & Resolutions to Congress for consideration. Approximately 4,000 of those have been submitted in the last year …

Wardynski WAFF Still Shot

A Special Kind of Arrogance

Dr. Casey Wardynski is the superintendent for the Huntsville City School Board in Huntsville, AL. Many parents (of children within the Huntsville City School system) have concerns about the growing discipline problems that are affecting the classroom. The teachers are helpless, under the current “Code of Discipline” that is in place. Teachers are distressed due to these, and other, issues. …

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Changing Huntsville City Schools! Changing How Governments Work!

Today, there are over 60 Million Americans that are ANGRY. Thousands of those Americans live right here in Huntsville, AL. Many have children and they are angry. Their children are not a priority for the Huntsville Board of Education. Numbers are being manipulated to make things appear to be something they are not. Such is government! Others are school teachers …

Students in School

The “Creation” of a “Positive School Climate”

A Letter to the Parents of Children in Huntsville City Schools: The Huntsville City School Board is MANDATED to maintain a “POSITIVE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT” in, and for, Huntsville City Schools by a Federal Court Order dated April 24, 2015. Hereford & USA vs Huntsville Board of Education, 5:63-cv-00109-MHH, “POSITIVE SCHOOL CLIMATE” Sec VII.C.1 page 75. They are failing. Their policies are designed …


Huntsville City School Board Meeting Transcripts (If Interested)

Here is a link to the transcript of the Huntsville City School Board meeting on 3-3-16. This meeting was on the issue of discipline, social media, etc. Here is a link to the Huntsville City School Board Members:


Mr. Wardynski: IT is Time YOU Answer to US!

There is a severe discipline problem in the Huntsville City Schools. And it is going to get worse if we don’t do something! Fortunately, we can fix this. I have spoken with many parents of children who attend Huntsville City Schools. I have spoken with numerous teachers in our city school system that tell me of problems about which most parents know …

Stack 'O Jacks

Want to Take America Back? Can YOU Eat THIS Stack of Pancakes?

While eating at IHOP the question arose, jokingly, about whether I could eat this stack of pancakes. I immediately assured those present that I, most certainly, could eat that entire stack. Another individual, who knows me well, picked up on my position and suggested that he, too, could eat that entire stack. After a couple of “no you can’t”s I …

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Learn How to Contact Your Congressman/Woman About What They Did (or didn’t) Today!

As we present you with articles and information about what your congressman or woman is doing with his or her time you should have immediate access to their contact information. As we inform you  of how they wasted their time voting on some resolution that “declares” Wednesday as “Hump Day” or something thereabout, we would encourage you to download any relevant …


Republicans vs. Democrats: Same Game – Different Plays!

If you really want to know ANYTHING about how America works – how it works RIGHT NOW – you must spend time with someone who is there, in Washington DC, working in the legislative process. We have begun meeting with our Congressman, Mo Brooks (Alabama), and have now had two amazing meetings with him (It should be noted, however…