Republicans vs. Democrats: Same Game – Different Plays!

Inside %22The Hill%22

If you really want to know ANYTHING about how America works – how it works RIGHT NOW – you must spend time with someone who is there, in Washington DC, working in the legislative process. We have begun meeting with our Congressman, Mo Brooks (Alabama), and have now had two amazing meetings with him (It should be noted, however, that each meeting only lasts about 15 or 20 minutes due to the number of people he meets with when he comes home from Washington, DC). Informative would be an understatement. We are learning things about our government, the emotional, mental and cerebral impact of which, are difficult to articulate. We recommend your involvement. Either meet with your Congressman or follow us here at America Insider, Inc. to be informed. Of course, we encourage you to do both. For your review, here are a few highlights from our meeting with him on today’s date (Jan 19, 2016):

  1. Neither party wants to secure the border. Their reasons are as different as night and day, but they have the same negative impact on Americans:
    1. Democrats want the votes that immigrants historically swing their way. These votes are a function of Democrats giving free stuff (health care, food stamps, etc)
    2. Mo did say that this was a very effective long term strategy
    3. Republicans want the low cost labor for their corporate campaign donors who are then able to keep wage and costs down which, in turn, keeps their profits u
  2. In keeping with this, Mark Pettitt (who works with Mo Brooks) is sending us a study conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies (of the US Government) that shows:
    1. From 2000 to 2014 there were 5.6 million new jobs created ALL OF WHICH went to immigrants (both legal and illegal)
    2. Making these number worse is that, during this same period, an additional 127,000 jobs were lost by native born Americans making the net gain to foreigners 5.7 million
  3. To become the chairman of a committee, a contribution of (a minimum of) $300,000 must be made to the National Convention (either Republican or Democrat) and this makes the placement of leadership positions within our National Capitol an issue of nothing more than bribery. There was another (I BELIEVE an appropriations position of authority) that required a donation of $1,000,000.00

EDITOR’S NOTE: Clearly, our government is being bought and paid for as we sit here and wait for our moment to cast our meaningless vote.

  1. Illegal immigrant households receive about $15,000.00 per family per year
  2. The argument that we should grant amnesty and/or legalize them so they can start paying taxes is an illusion. Although they would, theoretically, pay taxes at some point most would be subject to receive earned income tax credits of approximately $30,000.00 EACH because of their historically low annual earnings
  3. On a balanced budget: not going to happen! Too many people want free stuff. We must EITHER pass a constitutional amendment OR replace the Congressmen who refuse to do their jobs IN SUFFICIENT NUMBERS to effect a change. Neither of these things will happen without a sufficient number of Americans getting involved.

EDITORS NOTE: American Insider offers the mechanism for your involvement.

  1. The ONLY way to change how this works is for enough people to become sufficiently invested in their government
  2. To be sufficiently invested, one must be informed, contribute financially and THEN cast their informed, and well-funded, vote
  3. Question raised during our meeting: “Do the angry Americans want their country back bad enough to invest themselves?”

EDITOR’S FINAL NOTE: Join us. Fund us. We will inform our “community” and we will force change. To stay informed we MUST be able to hire intelligent people who can make this their full time job. If we don’t take our country back, Congress is going to give it away. MY CHILDREN want me to take it back! What about yours?

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