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The “Creation” of a “Positive School Climate”

A Letter to the Parents of Children in Huntsville City Schools:

The Huntsville City School Board is MANDATED to maintain a “POSITIVE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT” in, and for, Huntsville City Schools by a Federal Court Order dated April 24, 2015. Hereford & USA vs Huntsville Board of Education, 5:63-cv-00109-MHH, “POSITIVE SCHOOL CLIMATE” Sec VII.C.1 page 75.

They are failing. Their policies are designed to create the “illusion” that they are succeeding.

Speak with a teacher and you will quickly learn that disruptive students are not being sufficiently disciplined, if they are disciplined at all, for their disruptive behavior in the classrooms. In turn, this is creating an inferior and inadequate learning environment as well as creating an unsafe school environment for our children. In other words, it is feeding a “NEGATIVE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT” which violates this Federal Court Order that governs our school board.

Sadly, our teachers are being pressured to “under report” disruptive behavior for the purpose of giving the appearance of a more “POSITIVE SCHOOL CLIMATE” than the “climate” that actually exists. Therefore, the school board creates the “illusion” that they are meeting the required “POSITIVE SCHOOL CLIMATE” requirement and that your children are safe and are free from disruptive behavior.

But, it’s not just about controlling teachers! Much has been reported, and discussed, in the last couple of weeks regarding “under reporting” of behavior problems. Dr. Wardynski’s highly publicized response to these allegations was a very disappointing ban on student’s use of video cameras in their phones. Many feel that Dr. Wardynski intentionally deflected the focus away from the actual problem – disruptive behavior. But, that is precisely the point. “Perhaps”, THE REASON Dr. Wardynski has implemented these rules (punishing students who VIDEO this disruptive behavior) is because these students are now exposing the “NEGATIVE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT” that is being “tolerated” by the Huntsville City School Board. Suppress the evidence and there is none, I guess!

Anyone who has spent time speaking with teachers knows that this pressure to suppress on teachers ABSOLUTELY DOES exist and it is a problem that is creating a “NEGATIVE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT” for our students. Now, via these new rules on video recordings, the pressure is being placed on the students – our children – as well. Dr. Wardynski’s obvious strategy for meeting the terms of this Federal Court Order is this: Control the teachers … control the students … control the narrative. Perfect! We now have a “POSITIVE SCHOOL CLIMATE”! Yay!

Dr. Wardynski, and the school board, deny that this is the case. We will offer, below, a way for Dr. Wardynski to “correct” any “misunderstandings” between his board and the parents of the children for whom he is charged with providing a “POSITIVE SCHOOL CLIMATE”.

We can change this IF we stand together as one force. No single individual can do this alone!

American Insider provides the simplest mechanism to stand together and force this improvement. And, it provides the vehicle.


  1. Force our Dr. Wardynski and The Huntsville City School Board to take the necessary steps to create, and sustain, a “POSITIVE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT” for our children as is REQUIRED under this Federal Court Order;
  2. Gather and share important information to our members on American Insider;
  3. Attend the board meetings and publish highlights of the meetings on American Insider;
  4. Conduct video interviews of candidates you would like to see win local positions in upcoming elections and publish those videos on American Insider;
  5. Present a united force that is thousands strong to the leaders in charge to promote the changes that we demand to see.


Dr. Wardynski, (and the Huntsville City School Board): Implement an affirmative policy, IN WRITING, supporting teachers, and encouraging them to file a short and simple “discipline form” for any student who disrupts class or is involved fighting or bullying.

Insist that, upon receiving said discipline form, the appropriate actions will be taken by the school board and/or more direct authorities (such as principals) and that disruptive students will be removed from the class room and that appropriate action will be taken against law breakers including reporting such conduct to the police.

IN SHORT: Dr. Wardynski (and the Huntsville City School Board) Provide the “POSITIVE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT” you are required to provide under this mandatory Federal Court ORDER.


ON A SIDE NOTE: There are TWO board members who are up for re-election this year:

They are:

Laurie McCaulley (District 1), AND;

Michael Culbreath (District 5)Feel free to comment ….

If there are candidates running against them we would encourage the placement of their video interviews to be uploaded to our site for members review.

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